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To: Local City Councils

Allow some access to Community Gardens and Allotments by plot holders during Covid-19

In line with the need to protect the health of ALL Irish residents, we request that the Local Councils remove the closure order on Community Gardens and Allotments in order to allow key holders and permanent assigned staff in the gardens to access plots for essential watering, sowing and maintaining crops as well as harvesting.
Site specific physical distancing measures will be put in place and sanitary procedures to maintain the best hygienic practices during Covid-19.

Why is this important?

Gardens have the capacity to maintain the physical distancing and hygiene practices necessary to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Community Gardens and Allotments provide for a wide scope of citizens, including low-income and marginalised people, allowing them access to organically grown, sustainable, healthy food, which might be out of their budget to purchase otherwise. We are at the start of growing season and many rely on food crops from their extended gardens to sustain them in the coming months therefore the closure notice served at the end of March hits many with additional frustration on top of ongoing situation in the society. Complete closure order from the council will inevitably lead to unnecessary food waste, but what is the worst - depression may take people's lives in an already stressful situation when many lost their jobs, or part of income, due to Covid-19.
We must protect the vulnerable who find refuge and hope in growing a garden. The Local Councils must work towards improving access to HEALTHY, LOCALLY grown food in a SAFE space, while maintaining necessary precautions regarding spread of Covid-19. We can’t afford to deepen the antagonism in our society, particularly during a public health crisis.



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