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To: Principal of St John's De La Salle secondary school in Ballyfermot

Allow Paddy Flynn attend secondary school

Allow Paddy to be enrolled in 1st year. He is the only child from his 6th class refused admission. His parents did not know there was a closing date for the application form.

Why is this important?

Only 13% of Travellers complete formal education in comparison with 92% of the general population. 7 out of 10 Traveller children live in families where their mother has no formal education or primary level education only.
By refusing Paddy entry to secondary school the message is being sent to all Traveller children that they are not wanted. His parents can not read or write - they didn't understand that there was a cut off point. Being refused entry will have a terrible effect on his live and future prospects.

Ballyfermot, Ireland

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