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To: Minister Eoghan Murphy

Adequate Funding for Homelessness Shelter in Athlone

Adequate Funding for Homelessness Shelter in Athlone

Ensure that the Midlands Simon Homeless Shelter in Athlone receives sufficient funding to stay open and is adequately resourced in future to meet the needs of people affected by homelessness in the area.

Why is this important?

As per the Irish Times article on November 29th by Kitty Holland, homelessness among single adults is up 44% in the Midlands in the year since October 2016 and this shelter, having already cut its staffing is now facing closure (1). The assertion by the Department of Housing that "the needs of regions are kept under review on an ongoing basis" and "it will help to meet the costs faced by housing bodies." is clearly not of any value here.
This shelter which also serves the needs of people in Laois, Longford and Offaly needs to be kept open and Midlands Simon has to be given concrete assurances that it will receive adequate funding as a matter of urgency.

Midlands, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • We urgently need shelters like this one in Athlone to receive the funds to stay operational and prevent further deaths on our streets in freezing temperatures.
  • Because no one should be on the streets everyone needs a place to keep warm from the cold services should be there for those who need it do we want another death on our hands
  • Because there is a serious housing crisis and people need all the help they can get


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