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To: Minister for Justice & Equality Charlie Flanagan and Commissioner of An Garda Síochána Drew Harris

Take Action Against Masked Gardaí & Private Security Forcibly Removing Housing Activists!

This is a call for Minister for Justice & Equality Charlie Flanagan and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris to open an enquiry into the Garda assisted removal of housing activists from a vacant property on North Frederick Street. Masked Gardaí prevented protesters from entering the property as masked private security forcibly removed the activists occupying the building. An investigation is needed for any potential Garda malpractice and appropriate action must be taken against those involved. A code of conduct must be put in place for Gardaí to ensure this does not happen again.

Why is this important?

It's imperative in a democratic country that police are transparent with and accountable to the people. Gardaí wearing masks and supporting private security action against activists is totally unacceptable. Landlords should not be able to use the Gardaí to enforce their will on the Irish people.


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