To: Dublin City Council

Act Now to Remember the Magdalene Laundry Survivors

Act Now to Remember the Magdalene Laundry Survivors

Dublin City Council must halt its proposed sale of the site of the former Gloucester Street Magdalene Laundry in Dublin's north inner city.

This unique historic site must be preserved as centre for commemoration and remembrance for the victims and survivors of religious run institutions.

Gary is a Councillor with Dublin City Council

Why is this important?

The Gloucester Street Magdalene Laundry is the only former religious controlled laundry of its type that is owned by the State.

But Dublin City Council wants to sell it off to an international hotel chain.

All memory of what occurred in this place will be erased and forgotten forever.

We cannot allow such an important part of our nation's social and cultural history to be replaced with yet another soulless hotel.

A more fitting plan for this historic site is to build a national centre to honour and commemorate the Magdalene women past and present.

It is imperative that the Magdalene survivors themselves are consulted on how best their experiences should be memorialised. The Magdalene Redress scheme proposed by Justice Quirke and fully accepted for implementation by the Dep. of Justice on 26th June 2013, recommended that Magdalene women be consulted with a view commemorating their experience and legacy of the Magdalene institutions. This is yet to occur.

Please show your support. Sign the petition calling for this sale to be blocked and a commemorative centre built there instead.

Dublin, Ireland

Reasons for signing

  • My mother suffered at the hands of the nuns..... This building should be made a centre of historical learning It forms part of Ireland’s history, an unpleasant one but future generations need to be told of the suffering of many but the few that were supposed to be looking after them
  • Women are better than this.....lets have some more men signing too.....
  • My mum and her twin sister were taken away by the sisters of charity for three years to st Mary’s Stanhope street Dublin 7,aged just 14


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