To: Minister for Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government

We want to vote for the Lord Mayor of Cork!

Right now, there's cross-party support in the Dáil to have a directly-elected Mayor of Dublin. We say that Cork should be next!

Why is this important?

At present, the Lord Mayor of Cork is elected by councillors ever year for a one year term. There is a different Lord Mayor every year. This means there's isn't consistency or time enough for a mayor to make their mark. It means the citizens of Cork don't have the chance to vote for a mayor with a vision for the city. A vision that only a mayor can put in action.

It wasn't meant to be this way. In 2001, the law was changed so that Cork and other cities would have a directly-elected mayor serving for five-year terms. The first elections were supposed to happen in 2004 - but this was reversed at the last minute and things were left hanging.

Now it's time to put the Cork mayor back on the agenda!

An elected mayor will provide a vision for Cork. They will have a mandate from the citizens to see that vision through. They will oversee the day-to-day implementation of a city plan in ways that part-time councillors can't.

We already have a full-time Lord Mayor, so this won't cost any money. And an elected mayor won't replace the council. It will reinvigorate the city and give the running of it renewed energy and direction.

Add your name now and call for a directly-elected Mayor of Cork!


Cork City, Ireland

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