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To: Meath county council , Current National government. Minister for Rural affairs.

FoothPaths and Streets Lights urgently needed in Donacarney, Mornington, Bettystown, Co Meath

Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

Information taken from Facebook polls , January 2023, from local residents.

Footpaths urgently needed:
-Bettystown to Donacarney 700m (Whitefield Manor to Scoil Naisiunta Réalt Na Mara)
-Mornington to Donacarney 1.4km (Garra Road, from Bramble Wood to Castle Glen)
-Donacarney to Gaelscoil an Bhradáin Feasa 1.4km (Dun Cairn to Colpe Road / new roundabout)
-Bettystown Cross to St Colmcilles Pilltown ground

-Massive safety concerns from may residents on Pilltown road: need footpaths and lighting.
-New roundabout at Colpe road= badly planned/ designed: 2 lanes on arrival but more narrow on roundabout
-Reminder to residents of Grangerath that they don’t have priority as they exit estate. Reports of near-accidents every day on social media
-footpath at narroways road, bettystown, at the bend going towards Tesco's = too narrow = very dangerous. Reported near accidents every day.
-Speed bumps around Mornington court= cars/buses at high speed , not safe
- The roundabout at Whitefield Manor/Hall is dangerous, you can't see oncoming traffic properly, bushes need to be removed.= lots of comments on this
-Speed restrictions on Church road
-Uninterrupted Footpaths all the way from Colpe new roundabout to Centra Mornington.

-All around Whitefield Manor/ Eastham area
-Garra road , all around Mornington

-More bins on main roads. Many residents complain about lack of bins or overflowing bins.
My local bus stop on Garra rd has overflowing bins every week, littering by teenagers every day: education about littering and the environment would be much needed in local schools.

1 . A playground in Donacarney or Mornington would be very welcome. Local residents could enjoy it without having to drive to the small playgrounds of Bettystown or the one in Laytown. Benefits:
-reduction of traffic / congestion If families can walk more = reduction of carbon emissions
-improved quality of life and opportunities to socialise for children
2. Teenagers need a youth club, or maybe a skate park to keep busy and off the streets. Huge rise in anti social behaviour around Bettystown from teenagers who are clearly bored after school/ weekends.
Residents have pointed out that there is nothing to do for teenagers locally which is true
No youth club with activities / No skate park
Co Meath council needs to invest in young people. Maybe the new BT library could have a room specifically for teenagers offering appropriate activities and classes ( Art, music, martial arts etc)

The council needs to take action NOW and work appropriately with local residents, farmers, companies, schools and other stakeholders in order to create a better community. The majority of people here are hard working tax-payers who deserve better infrastructure. The general view from residents is that Meath council is extremely slow and ineffective. the Proof is some foothpaths were planned/ funded in 2018 and nothing has happened. This is unacceptable not to have basic road/walking infrastructure in a rich country in Europe in 2023

Why is this important?

For the safety and benefits of ALL residents : kids, working families, pensioners.

In order to reduce car emissions and meet Ireland' green targets, we need to reduce our car use.
But if its not safe to walk your kids from home to school, If you risk your live cycling from Mornington to Laytown station, to avoid using your car, that is not right.

Betaghstown, Bettystown, Co. Meath, Ireland

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