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To: Brian O'Gorman, CEO of Clúid

We demand rights for the Mary's Mansions Workers!

We demand rights for the Mary's Mansions Workers!

We want Brian O'Gorman, CEO of Clúid, to intervene to make sure all workers currently picketing the Mary's Mansions site are given the money they are owed, proper contracts, pension and PRSI payments.

We want Mr. O'Gorman to tell Ganson, the main contractor on site, that it needs to engage fully with the workers and their trade union to come to a solution acceptable to workers, so they can get back to work and finish these badly-needed homes.

Why is this important?

Across Ireland, bricklayers and other construction workers are being asked to work as "self-employed" contractors. This isn't legal, and is done to save the employers' money, so they don't have to pay pension and PRSI contributions.

It's totally wrong, and these workers have taken a stand against it. Because they stood up to a rogue employer, a number of them were sacked without notice, sparking the protest action.

Mary's Mansions is a publicly-funded contract, and Clúid, who own the building, are a state-funded charity. Workers working on these contracts deserve to have their rights protected.

Dublin, Ireland

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