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To: Cork County Council

Turn the old church in Macroom into a music and arts venue

Turn the old church in Macroom into a music and arts venue

Please consider funding the renovation of the old Protestant Church in Macroom to turn it into a badly needed music and arts venue.

Why is this important?

Macroom lacks a proper music venue at the moment. Now more than ever we need to encourage visitors to our town and a proper music venue could help us become a desirable destination. Churches make wonderful arts venues - look at Live at St. Luke's, St. Canice's in Kilkenny, or how the Other Voices festival has revitalised Dingle town through using the old church there for intimate concerts. Local music fans would get to see touring musicians on their doorstep and local musicians would finally have a place to perform. It could also be used as an art gallery for local and other artists.

Macroom, County Cork, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Macroom needs somewhere you can go when the weather is poor, that isn't a supermarket, bookies, chemist or pub. Its a beautiful un-used site and building. Provided its not exclusive, it could become a truly public building


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