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To: Galway County Council

Trial One-way traffic system for Oranmore – Let’s seize the day and try it out!

We call on Galway County Council to use Covid-19 legislation to implement a trial one-way traffic system through Oranmore

This is what Main St outside the Thatch could look like if Main St was made one-way:

This is one of many possible routes that could be implemented by Galway County Council

Why is this important?

During the previous two lockdowns in Ireland, towns and villages across the country have taken the opportunity to support their residents by changing streetscapes to make them more business and pedestrian friendly. This has been done by the widening of footpaths, the development of public realm seating, meeting, and eating areas, by providing opportunities for local businesses to put outdoor seating areas in place, and by reducing traffic flow. These changes have enabled these towns and villages to be places where residents of all ages and abilities can meet, shop and socialise, even during a pandemic.

We ask Galway County Council to use Covid-19 legislation to implement a trial one-way traffic system through Oranmore, and to make the following additional changes to help improve the quality of life in the village, and to support local businesses by enabling residents to safely navigate the streets and shopping areas by foot and by bike, as well as by car.

Implementing a one-way traffic flow through the village will mean that:
* Traffic jams will be reduced as there will be no need for cars to cross each other in traffic.
* Footpaths can be widened throughout the village to allow for 2-metre social distancing so that residents can safely travel by foot, buggy, and wheelchair.
* Outdoor seating space for cafes/restaurants and pubs can be implemented which will allow people to socialise safely outdoors (when Covid guidelines permit).
* Children can be encouraged to travel to school by foot or bike, as road speeds will be slower and traffic crossing will be reduced.
* Cycle tracks and bike parking can be installed where road widths permit, enabling more adults and children to safely cycle and shop/socialise.

You can see from the images attached to this petition what a proposed one-way traffic system for the village might look like and how it might benefit both residents and businesses.

To support this petition, please sign and share with your family and friends. If there are multiple people living in your house, please ask each individual to sign.

Remember, this is a trial, and we have the opportunity now to get at least one good thing from the Covid-19 madness. Let’s seize the day! If not now…when?

For more details and to see more visuals of how the changes might look, please go to
Oranmore, Co. Galway, Ireland

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