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To: Galway county council

Traffic cameras- pedestrian safety Galway

Traffic cameras- pedestrian safety Galway

I think Galway badly needs traffic cameras to catch and fine the hundreds of red light runners and Amber light speeders on a daily basis. Every day I see people breaking lights and speeding up for ambers. This is serious for pedestrian safety.

Why is this important?

My 15 year old son was almost knocked down by a red light runner on the Dublin road/renmore junction. It's happening every single day. Even this morning I seen someone break a red light at the scoil catriona pedestrian crossing. Every day insee It on the east side of the city, and I've no doubt It happens all over. It won't be long before someone is seriously injured. So please sign this petition to get much needed traffic cameras to ensure pedestrian safety.

Galway City, County Galway, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Pedestrians own the road too.


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