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To: Department of Education

TJ Fighting for Special Needs Education

To follow through with their claim that every child deserves an education and build more schools/facilities for children with special needs.

Why is this important?

My 14 year old son, TJ, has autism. He's been without education, a school place or respite for over a year, which is simply unacceptable. They claim that every child deserves education but unfortunately, that doesn't seem to apply to special needs children.

My son is not the only special needs child without a school place, there are many whose needs are also being ignored. The Department of Education does not check on the special needs children without a school place. Every child, including those with special needs, deserves a right to education.

Something needs to be done and together, a great change can be achieved. Let's be their voice. Please sign this petition to help bring about the change. Thank you.



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