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To: Minister for Justice

Three Wise Men

Allow Malik and Abdul from Pakistan to stay in Ireland

Why is this important?

Three Wise Men

Three Pakistani men who have given their all to be part of Irish society are at imminent risk of deportation to Pakistan, where life for them will be dangerous to their health and wellbeing. The three won the hearts of their Longford neighbours, when they volunteered as the Three Wise Men for the Christmas pageant in 2017, even though two are Muslim. Vicky, one of the three, who was working locally as a nurse in a retirement home was forced to return to Pakistan in 2018, despite a petition of over 6000 signatures and the two remaining men, having exhausted all appeals await their fate after 4 years enduring the Direct Provision system in Ireland.
Malik has had several exhibitions of his paintings in Longford and elsewhere and Abdul’s photography has documented cultural events in Longford, Dublin and Kerry. They have both performed in several shows around the country with Catherine Young Dance. Their hospitality and sense of community has been a gift to everyone who has come to know them. They are cherished by their local community and the arts community in Ireland but are about to be forced to leave.

Can you sign this letter to the minister for Justice asking for compassionate leave to remain for the two remaining men?




2020-03-16 22:07:39 +0000

Thanks a lot everyone for your support. The good news is that, following the appointment on March 10th, we now have until June 16th to try and keep Abdul and Malik in Ireland. If you can write to the minister [email protected] it will all help their case.
Thanks again,

2020-03-07 10:27:54 +0000

Time is running out for Abdul and Malik. Can you send an email to the minister for justice? [email protected], [email protected]
Feel free to copy mine and add your name;
Dear Minister Flanagan,

Three men from Pakistan have won the hearts of many of the people of Longford and the arts community in Ireland with their openness, friendship and enthusiasm for Irish people and culture.
Vicky, a nurse in an old folks home in Longford was forced back to Pakistan in 2019 and is badly missed. We sincerely ask, as a simple act of compassion, that after 4 years, the two remaining men, Abdul (ID/940892/15) and Malik (ID/952155/15) be finally allowed to continue with their lives and contribute to Irish society, their one overriding aim in life.

They have ample support from the 1000 people who have signed their Uplift petition in the past week, in their onward journey towards Irish citizenship.

Yours sincerely,

2020-03-06 01:42:28 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2020-02-26 09:22:22 +0000

500 signatures reached

2020-02-24 22:49:05 +0000

100 signatures reached

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