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To: The Courts, Banks, Legal Establishment & The Government.



STOP Infringements to UNION LAW EU Directive 85/577/ EEC & NATIONAL LAW S.I. No. 224/1989_ Right of Cancellation, Doorstep Selling & Consumer Protection & END HOMELESSNESS in Ireland.

Why is this important?

Families may no longer be evicted from homes were mortgage was negotiated away from the business premises or by doorstep selling situation i.e. Broker arranged or when the right to cancel was not given i.e. a seven day cooling off period. S.I. No. 224/1989 - European Communities (Cancellation of Contracts Negotiated Away From Business Premises) Regulations, 1989.

How it will be delivered

To be delivered to the European Parliament & The EU COMMISSION.


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Reasons for signing

  • The Homelessness is getting worse in this country, we need to act now before the situation gets worse. We need to stand together and speak out, for the unfortunate people who are homeless. And For the next generation.
  • If we do not stand up now there will be nothing left to pass on to the next generation.
  • Our homelse's situation is getting worse and minster Coveney is a liar saying he knows about it he hasn't a clue about the people living in cardboard box's I challenge him to come walk the streets of Dublin city center with me any night and feed his people and listen to the stories of their life


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