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To: Minister Denis Naughten

Tell Minister Naughten we want a climate plan we can be proud of

Give us a climate action plan we can be proud of.

Why is this important?

We finally have the government’s long overdue draft plan for how it will reduce climate pollution. We need this plan to be transformational. It’s far from it. But it can be.

We have a lot to be proud of in terms of how people power is moving Ireland onto a more progressive path towards climate action.

Ireland now has national Climate Legislation and we may become the first state to divest from fossil fuels and join the growing list of progressive nations to ban fracking. Hugely positive steps forward.

But we are taking many steps backwards with the publication of the government’s draft plan for how they will cut our climate pollution by 80% by 2050.

A transformational plan is what we need. It’s far from it unfortunately!

The impacts of climate change today are already being felt today in Ireland, and across the world.

Tell Minister Naughten to build on the really positive momentum we have created and give us a plan to reduce climate pollution that we can be proud of.



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