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To: Minister Katherine Zappone

Target child poverty in lone parent families

Target child poverty in lone parent families

As Minister for Children, Katherine Zappone has a responsibility to protect children and safeguard their futures. We want her to establish an immediate task force to tackle poverty in lone parent families.

Why is this important?

This week the EU silc data was released. It shows consistent poverty in the state is 8.7%. For 2 parent families with 3 or less children this drops to 7.7% but for children in lone parent families it is 26.2%. It is fundamentally wrong that a child is almost 3 1/2 times more likely to live in poverty based purely on their family status.

We know childhood poverty has long reaching effects and we owe it to all children to ensure they have a fair chance.


Reasons for signing

  • Because no child should suffer hunger
  • Every child should have the right to an education
  • I care alot about poverty


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