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To: Department of Education & Skills

Support the Irish language - 733 campaign

Prioritise the Irish language for primary education by changing the rules to allow Irish language school applications compete fairly with English school applications and reverse the decision to deny a Multi-Denominational Gaelscoil in North Dublin.

Why is this important?

• 733 children’s names were submitted by parents in the Drumcondra/Marino/Dublin 1 area asking for a Gaelscoil. The submission was made to the Department of Education along with other submissions from other patrons.

733 is a record number for a Gaelscoil campaign nationwide.

The school was denied in favour of an English speaking primary school and awarded to Educate Together. The new school will open in All Hallows, Drumcondra in 2016.

24 = Number of Primary Schools in the Drumcondra, Marino, Dublin 1 Area
21 = English Schools
3 = All Irish Schools

This decision makes it 22 English Schools and 3 All Irish Schools in the area

In the context of Ireland’s centenary year it is deeply regrettable the Department of Education failed to support a campaign that had the highest numbers ever received and recorded in support of a Gaelscoil in the history of the state.

1. A second new primary school should be immediately sanctioned by the Department in the area of Drumcondra/Marino/Dublin 1

2. An alternative to a second school is to co-locate both a Gaelscoil & Educate Together School in All-Hallows Drumcondra

3. A new ruling stating an Irish Language School (minority language) should not have to compete directly in numbers with a majority language school.

4. Pitting parents against one another for a school for their children is wrong. The system needs to be changed

5. In our centenary year we should reflect on decisions by the Department of Education to deny an Irish language School and begin the conversation as to what role the Irish language will play in the next 100 years

Support our campaign to have our choice of primary education recognised and to address the unfairness in the decision-making process for new primary schools.

Sign our petition and encourage others to do the same.

How it will be delivered

Signatures will be emailed to the Minister for Education & Skills



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Radio Interview

Déanann láithreoir Peadar Ó Caomhánaigh plé le Cormac Mc Cashin agus Siún Mulrennan ar Feachtas 733 ina bhfuil tuismitheoirí ag brú ar an Roinn Oideachais aitheantas a thabhairt do ghaelscoil i nDroim Conrach

2016-06-10 21:22:17 +0100

Powerful letter from Karolina Ó Beacháin Stefanczak in today's Irish Independent highlighting the huge need for a multi-denominational Gaelscoil in North Dublin.

Full letter here:…/at-last-the-government-is-facin…

"I am writing to you to highlight the State's failure to provide for choice in primary education in North Dublin, following the Minister of Education & Skills' refusal to grant permission for the opening of a new multi-denominational Irish-medium primary school in Drumcondra. [...]

I am Polish - living and working in Ireland and married to an Irishman. My three-year-old daughter is trilingual already, speaking Polish, English and Russian, and my husband and I want her to receive an education through Irish... CLICK FOR FULL LETTER HERE

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