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To: Everybody especially your Employer, Union Representatives, County Councillors, Senators and T.D.s.

Support the Climate Change Strike on September 20th 2019

Support the Climate Change Strike on September 20th 2019

Please sign and share this and send it onto your Union Representative or your Local Public Representative. Senator, County Councillor and T.D. Ask them to join us on the day and publicly declare their position on Climate Change. It is vital that we make sure that they support our children to have a world with a future !

Why is this important?

We are taking our inspiration from Greta Thurnberg and the School Strike for Climate and asking you to leave your place of work if your working and if not join the day of action in whatever way you can. Also please ask your Union and local Politicians to publicly support the strike. This is to show solidarity with our children who may not have a planet to live in !!!! If we don't stop destroying it immediately !!!!! This is a global strike and its vitally important that we send a message to our Govt who are still issuing licences to the Fossil Fuel Corporations who account for over 70% of the pollution that is destroying our planet ! We support the 3 demands of Extinction Rebellion 1 TELL THE TRUTH and inform the public about the extent of the climate emergency. 2 ACT like it's an emergency and stop fossil fuel exploration and 3. Ensure a JUST TRANSITION where the most vulnerable are expected to shoulder the most of the urgent policy changes of climate change ! So please sign the petition and send it to your Union Representative or local Politician and join the Strike on the 20th Sept 2019

Dublin, Ireland

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  • This is urgent


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