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To: Carlow County Councillors

Carlow County Council: Support Palestine – Boycott Biden this Paddy's Day!

On Monday 12th Feb Carlow Councillors will vote on a motion calling on all Irish Politicians to boycott the Biden Administration this St. Patrick's Day to protest U.S. support for the Israeli war-machine.

Without U.S. support it would not continue. Irish Politicians should stand with Palestine in a hugely symbolic gesture of support.

Call on Carlow Councillors to support this motion by signing this petition.

Why is this important?

The annual White House visit is enormously symbolic.

For Irish Politicians to boycott the Biden Administration, it could weaken America's continuing support for Israel. It would also send ripples across the world and further highlight the plight of the Palestinian people on a global stage.

It sends a signal that Ireland and the vast majority of the people in this country, says no to this genocide, opposes what is happening and opposes US support for it.

It's important that the government and all politicians say they will not be going to shake hands with Joe Biden and other members of the US administration.

Exact Wording of the motions to be proposed on Monday 12th -

1) Carlow Council agrees apartheid Israel is engaged in a genocide in Gaza. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed, including over 10,000 children. Many more have been seriously injured and traumatised, almost 2 million people are displaced and face a catastrophic humanitarian crisis with famine conditions.

Carlow Council commends the mass movement that has erupted across Ireland against the violence in recent months.

2) Carlow Council notes that Israel's murderous campaign of collective punishment is highly dependent on the military, financial and political support of Joe Biden and the US government in particular.

This council also notes the Biden Administration has opposed calls for a humanitarian ceasefire, and that Biden has personally bypassed Congress to transfer arms to Israel during the genocidal war that will cause widespread death and suffering in Gaza.

Therefore this council will write to the Irish Taoiseach and all political parties, calling on them not to attend St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the White House, nor to meet with President Joe Biden or any representative of his administration as part of the St Patrick’s Day events. Accordingly, members of this Council expected to travel to the U.S. will instead invite Irish-American associations with links to Carlow to travel to Carlow to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
County Buildings, Athy Rd, Carlow, R93 E7R7, Ireland

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