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To: Simon Harris TD

MU: Support our Students, Build our Building

Following Maynooth University's decision to terminate the construction of the Student Centre levy project, the students of Maynooth are demanding:

1) Maynooth University must publicly state their commitment to delivering a Student Centre, and ensure its prioritisation over other capital developments on campus.

2) The student levy must be frozen, with no increases to the charge for a period of at least 5 academic years beginning in 2023-24.

3) Maynooth University must be transparent in its communication as to how the student levy is being used, prove their commitment to joint oversight of the fund, and work in good faith with Maynooth Students’ Union and the students of Maynooth to regain their trust.

We are calling on the Minister of DFHERIS, Simon Harris TD, to support the students of Maynooth in these demands and aid us in bringing them to the attention of Maynooth University.

Why is this important?

This Student Centre, as well as two other flagship developments, were to be funded by the student levy. This is the same levy the students of Maynooth have been paying since September 2015 with the express purpose of constructing student facilities on long overdue timelines.

To date, none of these projects have been completed. With already collected funds in the millions, Maynooth University continues to collect the levy from students. Maynooth Students’ Union strongly condemns this lack of prioritisation of its members. Maynooth University continues to increase student numbers each academic year despite not fit for purpose student spaces and facilities.

The students of Maynooth have trusted Maynooth University with their money for more than seven academic years. Many paid the student levy charge knowing that they would never see the projects they were paying for during their time here. It was a commitment for the future students of Maynooth who deserve to see and experience a vibrant and exciting campus.

These demands are crucial, especially as Maynooth University still continues to collect the student levy. We are asking for the support of Simon Harris TD to ensure that Maynooth University hear the voices of its students on the ground.

Mariavilla, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

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