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Support Irish emigrants #ComingHomeInCrisis

Support Irish emigrants #ComingHomeInCrisis

Help Irish emigrants returning to Ireland who are in crisis situations to get access to urgent supports they need.

Why is this important?

Every day, Irish emigrants who have lived abroad are returning to Ireland in crisis situations such as homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, threats and intimidation, severe health and care needs, deportation, release from detention or prison, loss of income and isolation. On their return, they often struggle to get access to supports such as emergency accommodation, emergency social welfare, medical and psychological treatment, often because they are incorrectly treated differently to residents. Access to these supports is urgently needed, but bureaucracy and administration create barriers and delays to the supports and services. Crosscare Migrant Project supports returning emigrants everyday to access emergency accommodation, social welfare and medical treatment. Some people assisted by the service include older clients with severe healthcare needs and lone parents returning with young children who are asked to use night-by-night only emergency accommodation for weeks, sometimes months, on end. Crosscare Migrant Project has recently published new research identifying all the issues that emigrants in crisis experience before their return and after they have returned to Ireland. The report makes recommendations to the government to introduce appropriate and immediate access to supports such as emergency accommodation, social welfare and medical treatment. You can read the report here

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