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To: TD / Senators

Support 'How to save Moore Street – Campaign Proposal'

Support the How to Save Moore Street Campaign Initiative

Why is this important?

I have seen the publication “How to save Moore Street – Campaign Proposal”. I fully endorse this proposal and I call on you to use whatever power you have at to make sure that this proposal or a similar proposal is implemented for the Moore Street Battlefield Site.
I am deeply concerned by how the government and some opposition politicians' have acted in relation to the Moore Street area. This is an election issue for me. With an appeal brought by the Government, which if successful will lead to the destruction of what the National Museum called Ireland’s most historical site, how can I not be worried? Not only is this site of major historical importance and a site where our nation was born but it is also a location which could bring major economic and tourism benefits to the State. I will not benefit from another shopping centre, Ireland will not benefit from another shopping centre, but we would benefit from a Historical Cultural Quarter. That said I hope you respect Irish history, culture, the people who died so you could be elected and you respect Irish tourism and the economy by working towards building a Historical Cultural Quarter in this area as best you can. You should also respect the High Court judgement and ensure the appeal by the State is withdrawn in order to save the site.I am proud of Irish culture. We have some of the best musicians, painters, poets, writers and actors in the world. For such a small nation which was born from actions within Moore Street our cultural influence is remarkable. I believe we do not promote our own culture enough. I feel designating Moore Street as a Historical and Cultural Quarter where families can learn and be educated about our culture, whether it’s through history, poetry, writing or song is a necessity for Dublin. A Historical and Cultural Quarter for the thinking visitor.
Moore Street, Dublin, Ireland

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