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To: Irish Government

Support Democracy in Sudan

Support Democracy in Sudan

In support of The Sudan Six - a list of Urgent Demands of The People of Sudan

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Article: “Everything You Need to Know About the Sudan Revolution” by Ola Diab


Dear Taoiseach,

We the enclosed signatories submit this petition on behalf of and in accordance with the people of Sudan participating in an active popular uprising that began on December 2018. Our goal is to accomplish the removal of the authoritarian government and deep state bureaucracy presided by Omar H. Al-Bashir and to resume democratic rule of law thru a civilian-led government of Sudan.

We support the Declaration of Freedom & Change force (DFCF) in its commitment to secure freedom, peace, and justice in Sudan. We the undersigned request the following be provided with your leadership and discretion:

1. Ireland must call on the military junta led by general Burhan to pledge a commitment to Freedom & Change in its fulfilment of a popular mandate to form majority representation in the interim civilian authority until internationally monitored elections are organised after an agreed upon period of time.

2. Ireland must call for an end to the systematic murder, torture, violation, and abuse of peaceful citizens by the National Intelligence Security Service and Rapid Force Support (aka. Janjaweed Militia). The Militia must withdraw its presence from all cities, towns and villages.

3. Ireland must call for the formation of an independent investigation panel to probe the criminal attacks on protesters near army headquarters in Khartoum, as well as other sites across the country, since April 11 and especially between May 29 and June 3. This panel shall collect evidence, interview witnesses, and publish a report. The report’s findings shall help bring culpable perpetrators and complicit military officers to justice.

4. Ireland must call for the restoration of a free press and public freedoms, including the right to free expression and association and the right to peaceful assembly.

5. Ireland must call for the release of all political detainees and prisoners of war, and call for an end to the arbitrary arrest of citizens. Ireland must call for the immediate release from detention of civil society and politically active prisoners of conscience.

6. Ireland must call for an immediate end to a disruption of internet and telecommunications services imposed by the military junta. This disruption prevents peaceful civilians from tending to their personal safety and prevents individuals from collecting, documenting, sharing, and reporting crimes and cruel punishments.

Reasons for signing

  • We need the world knows anh helps us to stop killing in an awful ways to peaceful citizens who ask for justice. Specially, the internet is blocked out by the criminals dictatorial junjawed (Darfur criminals) military council.


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