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To: The Taoiseach

Stop Trumps' war machines refuelling at Shannon airport.

Stop Trumps' war machines refuelling at Shannon airport.

Keep Ireland neutral. When we allow the U.S to bring all of its weapons and ammunition through Shannon, only 30 miles from Trumps' Doonbeg hotel, we give a strong impression that we are on their side in their wars. I want the Irish Government to stop allowing Shannon to be used by the U.S. Military.

Why is this important?

The list of weaponry and ammunition, tanks, military personnel that has come through Shannon airport over the last several years can be read on the Shannonwatch website. This information was only made public through a Freedom of Information request and despite this some details have been redacted, which means even our own government don't know what's coming through Shannon.
With the recent bombing by the U.S. in Syria and the Russiian response, it is clear that events are developing at a fast pace. The only safe option for Irish people is to remain neutral and insist that our government doesn't compromise our safety by continuing to facilitate Trumps' war machinery.

Shannon Airport, Clare, Ireland

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