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To: Louth County Council

Stop the Woodland Park Eviction

Stop the Woodland Park Eviction

Provide alternative accommodation for the families of Woodland Park until Traveller Specific accommodation is provided.

Why is this important?

Last Friday on one of coldest nights of the year, 17 families were evicted from a Traveller local authority halting site that had been decommissioned by Louth County Council.

Families were given just hours to pack their belongings and either remove their caravans or mobile homes themselves or face them being impounded and having to pay €1,000 to get them back.

All families, including a mother and newborn baby, must be gone by tomorrow. The council have not arranged alternative accommodation for these families and now, they like hundreds of others will be made homeless.

Until Traveller specific accommodation is built, we are calling on Louth County Council to treat people with dignity and respect and to provide alternative accommodation for the Travelling community of Woodland Park.

Woodland Park, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • I think making people homeless in winter is terrible
  • Disgusted to see this happening. Alternative accomodation should be provided before they are ordered out. There are children involved in this, imagine their fear.
  • Disgraceful how Travellers are being treated in this country. The council evicted them on a friday evening hence housing workers in council are off work the whole weekend and not be able to deal with the issue perhaps hoping the problem would have disappeared by Monday morning. a "cynic" might suspect this was a deliberate tactic on the councils part?


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