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To: HSE, Food Safety Authority,Dublin County Council.

Stop the HSE from shutting down the Soup Runs for Homeless

Reverse the ludicrous decision to close charitable Soup Runs for Dublin's Homeless and Needy if they don't comply with HACCP. Soup kitchens run by Volunteers every night in Dublin feed up to 300 people per night. Our service users rely heavily on this service.
All food is cooked in family kitchens who have fed countless over tens of years, no one has died! These are dedicated people who cook good quality and wholesome food with love.
Don't just simply shut us down, work with us to find a solution. These people can't be abandoned. They need to be fed.
It is an essential service, if we are shut down who will feed these unfortunate people?

Why is this important?

The Homeless and Needy of our country are abandoned by the state. It is up to us, the general public, to look after their welfare, with food, clothing, sleeping bags, tents and very often just to lend an ear.
We can not simply be ignored, just as our service users can't be abandoned either.

How it will be delivered

Emil and social media

Dublin, Ireland

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