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To: Merck Millipore

Stop the Horrible Smell/Protect Environment in Carrigtwohill area

No more empty promises or flimsy excuses. We have to stop Merck Millipore from emitting those nasty odours.

Why is this important?

Like many other people being confined to your house during the Covid-19 crises has been very difficult. But imagine how much worse would that have felt if you couldn't go for walk in your community or to your own garden and even worse on some days, to not even be able to open your windows. This is an ongoing issue, but the last 10 weeks have been especially difficult. The strong, persistence chemical odours that come from Merck Millipore have an impact on our quality of life and potentially on our health and environment. It effects approx. 6000 people. We as a community have to stand together to ensure that our voices are heard and Merck Millipore is compliant with their licences. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), local TD, HSE and Garda Siochana have been informed about the situation throughout multiple complaints form people from the community and other areas. However, their efforts have brought no real effect as we are still experiencing the same strong odours. Let's take the next step and express our concerns by signing this petition. We would like to put more pressure on Merck management, EPA and local TD to resolve this issue. Merck Millipore have continued to operate with the serious defect in their waste treatment plant and needs to be stopped.
Carrigtohill, Co. Cork, Ireland

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