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To: Glenveagh National Park Caretakers

Stop The Destruction of Glenveagh National Park!

Stop The Destruction of Glenveagh National Park!

Stop the cutting of the Trees, Native or Non Native! There is no reason at all important enough to destroy beautiful, healthy trees that have been there years before you came along.
You are destroying the beauty of the Park, and demolishing shelter for wildlife.
These trees add to the lovely draw of the Park. Please have heart, and stop the destruction!

Why is this important?

These trees provide homes to wildlife, shade, beauty, and so much more. These are old trees, taking them out affects the environment in a very hurtful way.

Glenveagh National Park, Skeagh, County Donegal, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • In a national park and nature reservation, this makes no sense that the trees are being cut. And it is bird nesting season and the trees are not supposed be cut according to the law. Why is a national park doing what they want and paying no attention to the nesting rights of the wild birds? Or the fact all this was donated to them for protection and enjoyment to future generations
  • These trees need our help, they need people to care, to help them


2019-04-27 00:06:31 +0100

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