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To: Tesco Ireland

Stop Tesco Ireland Picking on Dot.Com Pickers and Drivers

As a Tesco Ireland customer, I am demanding that Tesco Ireland reverses its decision to impose new work schedules on hundreds of Dot.Com workers - pickers and drivers - who carry out online shopping for customers.

The changes being imposed on – already low paid – workers will result in them losing thousands of Euros in pay at the height of a cost of living crises.

In addition, the new work schedules will create major problems for those with family/caring roles, potentially forcing many to either give up their jobs or be at a loss of income.

As a customer, I am demanding that Tesco Ireland ensures that the work schedules for the existing Dot.Com workers – and their earning levels – are maintained.

Why is this important?

Hundreds of low-paid workers who run Tesco Ireland's online shopping operation have been told that their work schedules will change in May. This will result in these workers losing thousands of Euros in income and interfere with their ability to fulfil family caring roles.


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