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To: Taoíseach Micheál Martin

Stop Tenant Evictions during Covid-19 Pandemic Restrictions

Extend Eviction Ban for Landlords Until All Covid-19 Restrictios are Lifted

Why is this important?

Evictions from Rental properties are allowed again as of Friday 23 April. Threshold and opposition parties have warned that this can bring many more families into homelessness, while greedy landlords continue to profit. This while we are still fully in the pandemic with most lockdown measures and mandatory hotel quarantines still in place. In the current conditions, it is absolutely unacceptable that entire families can end up homeless. In fact this is never acceptable, but much less now. Hence urgent action now is required. We want to call the Government to extend the eviction ban in Ireland until all of the covid-19 restrictions are fully lifted. This will allow all residents of Ireland to have a safe place to quarantine and live their life, at least until they are fully empowered to go back to work in an Ireland that has succesfully gone through the Covid-19 Pandemic.



2021-04-30 15:46:43 +0100

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