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To: Government of Ireland

Stop sale of AIB shares until proceeds can be invested in public infrastructure

Stop sale of AIB shares until proceeds can be invested in public infrastructure

The Government must now shelve their plans to begin the sale of AIB shares, and instead focus on seeking changes to the spending rules to allow for much greater investment in badly needed infrastructure.

This is a real opportunity to tackle the infrastructural bottlenecks that are emerging across the country in areas such as transport and housing, to hospitals and schools.

Why is this important?

Ireland will sell off 25% of a bank that has cost the taxpayer tens of billions of euro for something in the region of €3 Billion, and we won’t be able to give the people of Ireland any dividend from the cash raised from the sale.

For months, the case has been made by trade unions, political parties and civic society groups for changes to the Stability and Growth Pact in order to allow for greater investment in public infrastructure.

Unfortunately, our Government has so far utterly failed to push this idea at a European level. The result is that none of the proceeds from any sale of AIB can be invested into building houses, hospitals or schools.

The Dáil has voted to delay the sale of AIB shares - the Government must now listen.

Reasons for signing

  • We need autonomy in how we spend. Investing in infrastructure will yield a return which will encourage growth, thereby making the repayment of debt easier in the future. Handing this over to repay debt now means no growth. Ireland is now profitable on a day to day basis. There is *NO* hold over us. Politely but firmly say that the good of the Irish people must now come before paying off debt.
  • The government has never done anything to help the working people of Ireland.
  • Investment needs to happen in public infrastructure and in better governance processes in a range of services (health, education, finance, planning, justice, public policy) to ensure every euro spent is accounted for and used in a co-ordinated manner that brings about practical solutions for the benefit of everyone living in Ireland


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