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To: Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly

Stop Melanoma Cancer - Ban Sunbeds Ireland

STOP Melanoma Cancer Ireland - Ban Sunbeds

Why is this important?

My name is Laura Warren. I am from Kilkenny, Ireland. I am a health and nutrition influencer in Ireland predominantly based on Instagram: Elite Living Nutrition.

I was recently diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer stage 1b. In my younger years I would have used sunbeds more than 5 times a year, which was 5 times too many! Back then we were encouraged to use sunbeds to give our Irish skin a base before we went on holidays. I also suffered from acne when I was younger and I was encouraged at the time by Beauty Therapists to use sunbeds to help clear up my acne. When I was younger I also wore sun factors that weren't strong enough to protect my delicate skin. Back in the day, when I was going to school, they never educated us on the dangers of the sun and there was certainly never any mentions of sun-beds. The secondary school I went to was a convent run by nuns at the time.

My Melanoma Cancer had to be excisioned out of my body through 2 surgeries where my surgeon had to excision 2mm of my skin for biopsy. It has been an extremely traumatic time for me and my family. Thankfully the results of the second surgery came back benign. I am one of the lucky ones and now I have to get regular skin-checks for 5 years with no certainty that it won't come back elsewhere in my body.

It's time for change. Rates of this cancer are growing faster than any other type of cancer. It's time for our Government to take the dangers of sunbeds "seriously"

Let's act now to save lives - I could have been told I had six weeks to live - think about that for a moment. I am grateful for my second chance at life. To help to make change in this world we live in, I am going to lobby for the rest of life to try to get sunbeds banned in Ireland. But, I need all your help to sign this petition, I cannot do this alone!

Every family in Ireland and across the world has been affected by cancer in some shape or form and it ain't pretty. It's time for change in this country, let's help to make the future of this country a healthier place to live in.

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer because of its ability to spread to other organs more rapidly if it is not caught early.

Most skin cancers are preventable by reducing exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the natural sunlight and indoor tanning devices — sunbeds/tanning beds.

Australia and Brazil banned them many years ago, why has our Government not banned them yet? We want answers. What is the delay in banning sunbeds in Ireland that are clearly linked to Melanoma Cancer?

I am calling on you, the good people of Ireland to act now and help me by signing this petition.

A sunbed ban in Ireland would prevent thousands of skin cancer deaths and save the HSE millions a year.

How it will be delivered

I will present this petition to Dáil Éireann Health Committee within Dáil Éireann to get this matter raised through parliamentary questions with the goal to have sunbeds made illegal in Ireland indefinitely for commercial use which will help to save lives and to stop the rise of Melanoma Cancer in Ireland.


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