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To: Trinity College Dublin

Stop Masters' Fee Increase

Scrap the plans to increase masters' fees for the 2025/2026 academic year.

Why is this important?

Trinity College Dublin is looking to increase masters’ fees for the 2025/2026 academic year. This is opposed by students, as it threatens to make education further inaccessible. Not only are we treated like cash cows, but we lack crucial student services - and this proposed increase is just further insult to injury. In order to pressure Trinity to abandon, or reduce as much as possible its plans, we are employing multiple avenues, such as lobbying and reputational targeting, which threatens College's finances. With this petition, we are showing student opposition to the proposals.

If these proposals go ahead, it will make education further a luxury product, rather than a public good for all. These courses already cost anywhere between €7,000 to €36,000 per year and represent a financial burden for students, and are way above the maximum SUSI tuition fee grant. Education is a right and not a luxury and everyone should be able to avail of it. This proposal will further serve to make education elitist and classist and therefore should be resisted!

Trinity College Dublin, College St, Dublin 2, D02 DP29, Ireland

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