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To: The government

Stop Investors Buying Our Homes

Stop Investors Buying Our Homes

Stop global investment funds buying up entire estates and apartment blocks, depriving families and people of homes, and driving up prices.

1. Scrap investor tax breaks - scrap REIT tax
2. Impose investor tax of 50% on profits
3. Restrict sale of new developments to individual home buyers & not for profits
4. Build public & affordable homes on huge state lands
5. Right to housing in our Constitution
6. Remove land lords ability to evict tenants for sale & no fault evictions

Why is this important?

Housing should be seen as a home not an investment asset. If we don't stop this inequality will worsen dramatically – between those on extremely high incomes who can get a deposit off the bank of mum and dad to buy a home, and the majority stuck in the private rental market transferring their income into wealth for investors, or living in overcrowded housing, resulting in delayed adulthood and independence as they’re unable to leave their parents’ home.


Reasons for signing

  • Our wonderful government care more for investors then the ordinary citizens. Absolutely disgraceful
  • Mum told me to
  • So my generation can actually afford to own our own homes


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