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To: Bon Secours Sisters & Galway County Council

Stop Hiding The Truth About Babies Buried In Cesspits in Tuam

Dear Sisters,
Thousands of babies and children were buried in cesspits in Tuam Mother and Baby Homes.
After all these years, survivors and families are still searching for the truth about what happened to their babies and children.
The treatment of mothers who had children outside of marriage in this country is shameful. As a society we need to uncover the truth about what happened.
It is clear from the Mother and Baby Home Commission Report that your orders hold information that you are not sharing with them. [1]
We the undersigned call on you to stop hiding this information about the death and burial of thousands of babies and children in Tuam Mother and Baby Home.


Why is this important?

Thousands of babies bodies are lost and the Mother and Baby Homes Commission state that they find it hard to believe that you don't have information about what happened to them.


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