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To: AIB CEO Colin Hunt

Stop AIB Millstreet going Cashless

People-power forced AIB to reverse their decision. AIB has said it has “decided not to proceed” with the proposed changes to its services that would have seen AIB Millstreet no longer process cash.

Save all services within Millstreet AIB and give a commitment that the continued abandonment of our rural community will cease

Why is this important?

Millstreet is a rural community already deprived of basic services.
Our rural businesses will struggle as a direct result of the withdrawal of cash services from AIB Millstreet.
There are serious concerns for our elderly who cannot travel 30minutes to the nearest cash bank and will be vunderable with cash being left in their homes.

We can not allow the erosion of an already deprived area to continue.

Millstreet, County Cork, Ireland

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