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To: To: Director of Public Prosecutions, Minister for Justice Heather Humphreys and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris.

Stand with Fiona O'Leary against unjust charges.

Stand with Fiona O'Leary against unjust charges.

Withdraw potential criminal charges against Activist Fiona O'Leary and investigate her unjust treatment by An Garda Síochána.

Why is this important?

On Tuesday 20th July Fiona O’leary was arrested by the Gardai at Clonakility Garda station, West Cork.
She is facing potential charges of Harassment, Incitement to Hatred and Criminal Trespass.
The Gardai chose to arrest Fiona under the charge of Harassment in order to secure the power to detain her for up to six hours.

Fiona is a mother to five children. She is a carer, three of her children are Autistic and Fiona is Autistic herself. The gardai were aware of this, yet they treated her inhumanely. In soaring temperatures of 30 degrees she was kept in an interrogation room with no ventilation for five hours, Surly this is in breach of Covid 19 regulation.
She was interrogated beyond what could be considered reasonable, accused of hating religion and asked for proof of Holocaust denial.
She was forced to sit without moving, surrounded by cameras.
Finally they forced her to give her DNA without reason and to which she did not consent. Then she was warned to not get into any more trouble as they did not want to be arresting her again.
It was a traumatic experience after which she is suffering PTSD and is finding it very hard to cope with.

Fiona and her solicitor have made complaints to GSOC, The Policing Authority and to the Garda Commissioner. We believe there are sinister elements and conflict of interest involved in this case. Fiona is and always has been open and public with all her work in relation to the SSPX Resistance.
This level of interrogation and threat of criminal charges was and is unnecessary and punitive.

The proposed charges arise due to complaints made by members of the SSPX cult who have a base in West Cork.

In August 2020 Fiona broke the story “SSPX Resistance Cult operating out of a farmhouse in West Cork” which she published through her WordPress Blog.
The story was subsequently picked up by Local and National newspapers such as The Southern Star, Sunday World.

Link to Fionas article:

Southern Star:

Sunday World:

A quote from the Sunday World article dated October 15th 2020 gives a good insight into why Fiona was so concerned and why the story of the presence of the SSPX Resistance needed to be told to protect the community.

“In a statement to, gardai have now confirmed the video is the subject of garda enquiries.
A spokesperson said: “gardaí are aware of the matter and enquiries are ongoing.”
During the half-hour recording, posted on the internet in March, Richardson, a founding member of 'SSPX Resistance', sickeningly claimed:
Jewish people are manipulating stock market crashes in a bid to start World War III;
Jewish people are 'master-servants' of the devil;
People at the top of the Jewish race are in direct contact with Satan and 'he may even appear to them';
Covid-19 "is possibly the creation of the Jews" and "that it was designed with this purpose to bring society to a grinding halt";
And, finally, Jewish people and the Freemasons are "enemies of God" who "hate life, they hate man, they hate God and they are true children of Satan."
Williamson's Cork talk targeting the Jewish community is not the first occasion on which he has engaged in anti-semiticism.”

These are the words spoken at a gathering in Cork by the leader of the SSPX Resistance to his congregation, yet it is Fiona O’Leary and not Williamson who is facing possible criminal charges by the Gardai.

The SSPX Resistance based in West Cork also broke lock-down laws, organising and attending an "exorcism" at the Dail.
They refuse to wear masks or follow any of the public health guidelines to protect the community.

Even though it was reported to the gardai, they took no action.

There has been substantial coverage in the press of Fionas arrest:

The Irish Times:

The Irish Examiner:

Every thing Fiona works toward is for the protection of the people and the public who are targeted by far right hatemongers, Covid deniers and charlatans who prey on the vulnerable.

I ask you all to support this petition and campaign to see Fiona free from this unjust and unwarranted attempt to silence her good work.


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