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To: Kilkenny County Council

Speed Ramps in Kilmanagh

Speed Ramps in Kilmanagh

Kilmanagh village in Co. Kilkenny is a busy pass through village for commuters in the surrounding areas and for local traffic. In recent years traffic has become more busy and unfortunately the speed seems to be increasing with it.

Currently there is no traffic controls in the village, apart from a pedestrian crossing with lights for the school on the Kilmanagh to Callan Regional Road

The main stretch of road, from the former Brennan's Pub to Abhainn Ri has become a runway for vehicles of all sorts, totally disregarding the safety of the people who walk the roads and the children who live in the village.

The speed limit of 50km is rarely kept to by drivers and it creates an unsafe atmosphere through the village. The installation of speed ramps is essential to restrict the speed through the village. I am aware that the council are reluctant to install speed ramps in the village due to the possible noise they may cause. This noise is a small price that I'm sure we, as a community are all willing to accept for the safety of everyone in our village. Also it is nothing to the noise of speeding traffic and heavy machinery that is present in our village on a daily basis.

The road that is requested for the speed ramps is the L1009, a road classified as a local road, not a regional road between Abhainn Ri and just past the formerly known Brennan's Pub.

Why is this important?

This petition is to get these speed ramps in place in a proactive manner, not to sit and wait for an accident or tragedy to happen. No one wants to have to plan or attend a funeral in the village that can be prevented.

Kilkenny, Ireland

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