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  • Legalise Cannabis in Ireland
    Promote non-partisan legislation to legalise and regulate cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol.
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    Created by Roderick Campbell Picture
  • Make Medical Cannabis Easily Accessible in 2018
    Simon Harris needs to work faster to make medical cannabis accessible. There are already successful examples of legalisation throughout Europe and North America, and people like Ava and her Mother have already waited too long.
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    Created by Richard Keyes
  • Making mother Nature illegal is a crime against humanity
    The recent citizen's assembly on drugs was a farce. Alcohol and tobacco kill more people than all illegal drugs combined. The decision makers should educate themselves.
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    Created by Robbie Scanlon
  • Legalisation Ireland
    We call for the legalisation of Cannabis in Ireland for both unrestricted Medical use and Licensed Recreational use.
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    Created by Legalisation Ireland
  • Social Media Should Stop Targeting Legitimate CBD Companies
    Social media platforms unpublish pages for CBD products under "promoting sale of prescription products." While It is well documented that CBD is a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant. CBD product does not get you high, and no significant adverse effects have been reported. They should understand that CBD produced from marijuana and CBD generated from INDUSTRIAL HEMP and they can be used without any side effects.
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    Created by Miller Clift
  • Endometriosis March Ireland
    Reconsider the ineffective action plan announced this week. Hormonal suppression at primary care is not what we need. More surgical options are desperately needed. And more accessible financial funding for patients to travel abroad for effective surgical intervention in the interim. Ensure that endometriosis will be considered under the MCAP program following worldwide research supporting cannabis treatment. Ensure endometriosis is recognised for the disabling condition it is when people are seeking financial support such as disability allowance.
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    Created by Aimee Brown