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To: Justice Minister, Charlie Flanagan

Scrap the Religious Declaration for incoming Presidents on October 26th

Scrap the Religious Declaration for incoming Presidents on October 26th

We call on the Minister to hold a referendum to remove the requirement for a person to make a declaration before god before they can assume the office of President of Ireland or serve as a member of the Council of State or as a judge, under Articles 12.8; 31.4 and 34.5 of the Constitution.

Why is this important?

The Constitution discriminates directly against the non-religious as they are effectively barred from the Presidency, the Council of State and the bench unless they make a declaration which is manifestly contrary to their beliefs and their conscience. As it is now clear that there will be a presidential election this year, there is no better time to act to remove these out-dated and discriminatory requirements.

By holding a referendum on this issue on the same day as the presidential election and blasphemy referendum, the Government has the opportunity to deal with this matter expeditiously and to save a large amount of taxpayers' money.

We therefore urge the Minister to seek Cabinet approval without delay so that a General Scheme can be prepared in time for 26th October.


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