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To: Minister Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice and Equality

Scrap Impossible Deadline for Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers have been given 20 days to resubmit their applications for protection. The forms are 60 pages, very complex and require legal expertise.
The time given to return the forms is impossible and the instruction to return them within 20 days 'if possible' has caused widespread fear and panic.
The Minister for Justice must ensure all applicants have adequate legal advise before being required to return the form to the Dept of Justice.

Why is this important?

The lives of the asylum seekers depend on this 60 page form being filled in correctly. It will determine whether or not they will allowed to stay in the state. The 20 days deadline is causing fear and despair on asylum seekers. Most of them cannot get appointments from their solicitors for help. There has been no information sessions organised in most of the centres to inform asylum seekers.


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