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To: UCC Cork University Business School CUBS

Save UCC's International Development BSc (CK214)

Keep running International Development BSc (International Development).

Why is this important?

We, the students and alumni of UCC’s BSc International Development, are petitioning Cork University Business School (CUBS) to prevent our program from moving into Temporary Cessation on the path to Permanent Cessation. CUBS claims their decision to discontinue the course is due to low engagement numbers. However, we believe this is simply a result of poor advertisement and under-representation on behalf of CUBS.

The BSc International Development (IntDev) degree provides an opportunity to learn and act on critical local and global issues such as sustainability, poverty, health, education, aid and development, rural development, food systems, and the Sustainable Development Goals.
IntDev is the only undergraduate degree of its kind in Ireland and is indispensable now more than ever because of contemporary matters of pandemics, conflict, and the climate crisis. This course is vital and is the foundation for generations of citizen activists who approach change through various ideological lenses and opportunities. Help us save it for future generations!

With its loss, not only are students affected, but also alumni, professors, and other organisations that are looking for people's knowledge and experience in International Development. As the only undergraduate of its kind in Ireland, without it, students will be forced to travel abroad for this education.

The degree directly reinforces UCC’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and CUBS’ promise to ‘shape the leaders for a sustainable future.’

CUBS is squandering UCC’s opportunity to become a pioneer for International Development and Aid, an ethos Ireland heavily prides itself on. We implore CUBS to reconsider their decision and encourage them to make a greater effort to promote the course to future leaders at home and abroad.

With proper funding and advertisement, International Development has the potential to become one of the foremost degrees in the country and UCC a hub for Aid and Development, but only if we can keep it from being cut.

Save BSc International Development!

O’Rahilly Building, College Rd, University College, Cork, Ireland

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