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To: Leo Varadkar: Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the Construction Industry Federation

Save The SEO, Save Our Rates of Pay

Save The SEO, Save Our Rates of Pay

To Demand the Minister appeal the High Court Decision within 21 Days of the decision to establish the Sectorial Employment Order which was struck out.

Why is this important?

The Construction Workers Action Group agree that this decision will eventually affect all workers and not only construction sector. This is an attack on all worker rates of pay.

Some of the reasons to fight back:

1. Bench mark rate of pay for Construction will be the Minimum Wage of 10.10 Euros.
2. Skilled workforce will exit sector to avoid further low pay conditions.
3. Low wages adds to the long list of employment issues in construction including bogus self-employment.
4. Housing will further contract and Sector will continue to slow down due to lack of skilled workforce.

As the political establishment cobble together the most unpopular government ever formed in the state’s history. Workers’ rights were under attack, when a High Court ruling struck down the legislation that provides for Sectorial Employment orders (SEO).

The workplace relations act (amended 2015), was instrumental in the provision of SEO's.
(A SEO is the legal structure used to set the minimum rates and rights of workers, in any given sector of employment)

The ruling signals the intent of a section of employers to undermine these orders, and demonstrates a clear lack of empathy with workers and the already inadequate pay and conditions existing within the sector.

It is our intention to organise a defence of the pay and conditions outlined in the SEO and to see that the second instalment, (due on the 1st of October!), is honoured and implemented. And lobby for immediate improvement in our overall working conditions for all workers in construction.

The state has the right to appeal this decision within 21 days of the court decision and Minister Varadkar has the responsibility to reverse this disaster decision, and should do so immediately.

This petition is a first step towards those ends and we call on workers of all sectors to sign it and demand government appeal the decision and introduce all relevant mechanisms to ensure that the pay and conditions are protected.

While the petition on its own will not be enough, we are preparing a series of protests and demonstrations to ensure both employers and the politicians who facilitate them, are under no illusion as to the depth of feeling among workers for this attack on workers’ rights.

Other issues such as bogus Self-employment, reckless employment practices, illegal taxation behaviour of rogue contractors and agencies and other will also all be lobbied for, within any movement going forward.

We invite you now to sign the petition for better workplace conditions for all workers including construction workers.

Organise in your workplace, join your union and fight back against this attack on workers rates of pay and their employment rights and join other workers in other sectors for better employment.

In Solidarity

Construction Workers Action Group.


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