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To: Cork City Council and the Irish Government

Save the "Port Of Cork Buildings" from being destroyed

Save the "Port Of Cork Buildings" from being destroyed

Don't allow a monster skyscraper to be built over beautiful historical Port Of Cork Buildings.

Why is this important?

Planning permission has been given to build Irelands tallest building and monster hotel on top of The Port Of Cork Buildings.
They plan to build this skyscraper will cover up and destroy the Port buildings, which are the most historical, prominent, visually beautiful buildings in Cork City.
The Port of Cork Buildings are listed buildings, they are supposed to be protected. They were constructed during the Napoleonic Wars by the prisoners of Spike Island more than 200 years ago. They are in such an important piece of strategic land in the centre of the city and on the historic waterfront.
These are the first buildings we see when we arrive in Cork. They have the possibility to make this city very special. These are a unique set of buildings and part of our cultural and historical maritime heritage - of international interest. If this huge development goes ahead the character of Cork will be lost forever.
Cork City Council has been allowing many historical buildings in Cork City to be demolished. Their idea of preserving buildings is to keep the front wall, (Some examples Navagation House and Camden Quay buildings demolished leaving only the front walls, the O Callaghan Properties development on Lavits Quay. Opera Lane didn’t even bother keeping the front and now Patrick’s Street has started losing its character and historic buildings).

Cork, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • It's high time That we in Ireland now embrace all of our past. We have a dreadful habit of destroying the old for the new, and they are never successful, usually completely out of context, as in this hideous development. Gentrification is a curse.
  • The country talks of sustainable development but how are we supposed to be a sustainable country if we contribute to burning a hole through the ozone layer with a pollution factory.
  • Not only is this planned building terrible looking, it completely disregards any of the previous uses of the area (my granda was a docker) am actually getting emotional thinking of how horrible it would look. And it would cast shadows darkening other parts of the nearby city during prime sunlight times.


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