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To: Malcolm Noonan TD - minister of state for heritage, DCC, All local TDs and Councillors

Save The Iveagh Markets!


For the last weeks Lord Iveagh has been engaged with various politicians and other interested parties to try and save the Iveagh Markets from further dereliction.

This culminated in a debate in Dáil Éireann on Thursday 1st December, from 8.06pm, between Malcolm Noonan TD , minister of state for heritage and Aengus o Snodaigh, TD Sinn Féin .

Aengus pointed out to the minister that the time has come for the Government to step in to save the Markets and restore it to the community.

The deteriorating condition of the built remains of the Iveagh Markets demands immediate attention if the buildings are to be preserved for future generations.

Contact your TD's and Councilors and ask them to pressure DCC carry out the necessary works.

Why is this important?

We all love the Iveagh Markets. They are part of the old Dublin we all grew up in, they mean so much to so many people and they are of such enormous cultural value that it is imperative that the Markets are brought back from the brink.

Apportioning blame on who is responsible for the state the Iveagh Markets are in now detracts from concentrating on the fact that the Markets are falling into irreparable disrepair.

A Fix the Iveagh Markets plan and a schedule of essential remedial works which can be costed and put to tender should be agreed by all parties.


Dublin 8, Ireland

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