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To: Dublin City Council, An Bord Pleanála & Office of the Planning Regulator

Save the Cobblestone!

The 'Save The Cobblestone' campaign got news that the appeal against Dublin City Council's decision to refuse planning permission for a controversial hotel around iconic pub has been withdrawn - a big win for us all

Do not allow planning permission for the proposed development of 77-80 King Street North.

Why is this important?

As well as signing this petition, please register an objection with Dublin City Council if you can. It costs €20. Quote the planning file (3617/21), give reasons why you think it shouldn't go ahead, but your address on the letter and upload it to the planning system. The closing date is 4 November.

Demolition of The Cobblestone to make room for yet another hotel. This will involve demolition of the backroom venue, the smoking area, and the rooms upstairs where music and Irish language classes were held, leaving only the main bar swallowed up by a 9 story hotel essentially turning the leftovers into a residents bar.

We really need people to oppose this. The Cobblestone is far more than just a pub. It is a bastion of Irish culture. People come from all over the world to share and learn Irish music, song, dance, language and storytelling.

It is at the centre of this 'folk revival' we're seeing in Ireland. The scene developed within those walls. The Cobblestone is vital for this community.

Beyond that, and more importantly, the Cobblestone is the main hub for the broader traditional Irish Music community in the country. I have played with and learned from some of the very best musicians in the sessions. I have listened to some amazing music at The Night Before Larry Got Stretched sessions and Pipers Clubs gigs from musicians and singers you otherwise might never get a chance to hear. I have watched younger musicians develop into great musicians. I've watched dancers dance, singers sing, story tellers recite stories. There is nowhere else that can match the cobblestone for any of this and there's no place that promotes Irish culture to the same level as The Cobblestone. This is an attack on our culture in a City that's getting swallowed up by blind greed. We need as many people to oppose this as possible.
Dublin, Ireland

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