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Join Kelly-Anne B. in signing this petition.

To: Dublin City Council

Save The Cobblestone

Save The Cobblestone

Rescind planning permission for The Cobblestone Pub to be demolished and replaced by another hotel.

Why is this important?

Over the last few years Dublin has lost a number of irreplaceable cultural spaces and hubs. The demolition of The Cobblestone pub will add to the city's cultural demise and add another soulless hotel to the Smithfield area.

Dublin, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • It seems like the only things that gets built quickly in Dublin are hotels. We need to preserve the culture and character of the city and make Dublin a city for people to actually live in, not just tourists. Surely even the people behind this stupid idea who are motivated only by money can see that if our heritage is destroyed at the rate it's going, the tourists will stop coming. Enough hotels already. Build some houses and leave the Cobblestone alone.
  • In the hope that this particular aspect of our culture may be preserved for future generations of musicians, storytellers and craic seekers.
  • Death to hotels ! Save the city from the vultures


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