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To: Dublin City Council

Save The Cobblestone!

The campaign got news that the appeal against Dublin City Council's decision to refuse planning permission for a controversial hotel around iconic pub has been withdrawn - a big win for us all

Protect and preserve Dublin’s culture and heritage!

Why is this important?

A planning proposal by Marron Estates Ltd to build a 114 bed hotel on top of and surrounding The Cobblestone Pub in Smithfield will destroy one of the city’s finest cultural centres. For decades, The Cobblestone has been a centre of Irish music, signing clubs, dance classes, historical talks and events and the promotion of international culture in Dublin's north inner city.

Dublin is being overrun with hotels and student accommodation that add nothing to the cultural life of the city. It is Dublin City Council’s policy to 'lead the cultural development of the city" and "to protect and enhance Dublin city's cultural infrastructure.”

The Cobblestone is a key part of the city’s heritage and cultural infrastructure and should be protected not destroyed, or made unviable by the building of yet another hotel.

This proposal conflicts with the Council’s policy and should be opposed. Please sign the petition and help save The Cobblestone and protect Dublin's culture and heritage.
Dublin, Ireland

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2022-09-06 13:58:27 +0100

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