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To: Cork County Council

Save Farmers Market in Cork like Skibbereen Market

Save Farmers Market in Cork like Skibbereen Market

Update: Plans to introduce new bylaws have been stalled as a direct result of people powered campaigning! The battle is not over - just paused for now.

Cork County Council are introducing new by-laws that will fundamentally change the market. New by-laws will add another layer of bureaucracy for already registered traders.

Why is this important?

Farmers markets across Cork are under threat. Skibbereen Farmers Market is a fundamental part of the food culture of West Cork. New bye laws will generally restrict and could alter the way our market is run - moving us away from being at the centre and soul of food innovation in Ireland towards a standardised heavily regulated stale industry.

A farmers market is the heart and soul of each community, village, town and local unique and individual as the environment changes with each location. A farmers market is dynamic, changing and evolving with the seasons and times; we love this about Skibbereen and don't want it to change.

The specific changes that these new bye laws will mean that the location will change, restrict the number of stalls and traders, force new rules on traders. All of this will mean result in the market loosing control and introduce a level of micromanaging that is unprecedented.

Cork, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • Skibbereen Farmers Market is an entry point for many producers to trial, sell and engage with customers. For traditional producers it ensures a continuation of generations of knowledge and traditional production. Socially it provides a meeting point and has something for all social demographics. For Skibbereen it provides additional spend for local shops and businesses as it attracts people from a wide surrounding area and tourists that might otherwise spend elsewhere or not all.
  • Skibbereen Farmers Market is a vital part of the West Cork food ecosystem. Disrupting this long established tradition poses risks to the local food and tourism economies.
  • The Farmers' Market in Skibbereen is a home-grown success, and should be proudly held as an example of all that's best about Skibb and West Cork. The County Council's proposals would be deeply damaging to the spirit and the future of the market, and show a lack of understanding of local development needs.


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