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To: Tipperary Education and Training Board

Save Our Thurles PLC Art Portfolio Course!

Reinstate our PLC Art Portfolio Course in Thurles that provides local education in fine art, graphic design, photography and many more opportunities to those who are considering going on to 3rd Level Education in the Arts.

Why is this important?

"The Thurles PLC Art Portfolio Course was vital for me to get into Dun Laoghaire Art College, at the time there was a huge amount of applications to IADT in model making for the film industry. I was able to gear my portfolio toward that application. The fundamentals I learned from the PLC Art Course echoed across my whole career. I travelled and worked as a designer model maker on some of the largest movies to date - The Hobbit Trilogy and Avatar - from there I have been a Head of Department on many big budget productions. I value the PLC Art Course more than my actual college degree because of the understanding and foundations in the Art and 3D world it gave me. This would be a big blow to the art community in Thurles and Tipperary, it’s very important the course stays going and I wholeheartedly support and hope it can stay on track for future generations." - Mark Maher, Odyssey Studios.

"The course has been a stepping stone for artists for the past 20-25 years under the guidance of a tutor who brings great experience and inspiration to the role.

The course served as a platform to construct a quality portfolio under the expert guidance of tutors, crucial for securing college admission. It facilitated lasting friendships across age groups, acted as a midpoint to assess one's collegiate art direction, and offered a delightful hobby or a practical solution for those unable to relocate for college.

Thanks to the Art Portfolio Course, I got into and graduated from Limerick School Art and Design with a Bachelor's degree in Animation and Motion Design. Today, I wear multiple creative hats as a graphic designer, animator, and a catalyst for imaginative growth. I facilitate creative workshops catering to people of all ages and abilities. If I did not have a solid foundation at the start of my creative journey I would not have ended up on the same path." - Jennifer Ryan Kelly.

Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

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Jennifer will appear on Tipp Midwest radio talking about the course. You can text Tipp Midwest radio on
083 833 1283
to share your thoughts!

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